63 Contestants entered today's 2d 9 ball tournament with hopes of wearing a crown. In the Semi-finals Daniel_2011 (0 tm
We had a whopping 113 players enter today's 3D 8 Ball pool tournament. The last 4 in the semi finals gave us 2 tournamen
The day after Christmas and we had 104 players enter the tournament. The semi-finals were Ranga mC vs Predator1 and jian
Today's Morning 8 Ball Tournament started off with 100 crown hopeful players. Through the process of elimination we got
60 Players entered today's tournament. The Final 4 were 007Brasil, Leandro Gremio, Aotto, and Billon. When the smoke cle
In our 1600 3D 8 Ball Pool Tournament we had 82 entrants, then 41 were eliminated, in round 3 we were down to just 20, t

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